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Continuous Delivery

Passion for software development and its life cycle, from the idea to the user.

We provide services around Jenkins, Git & Subversion, Maven & Gradle, Nexus & Artifactory, SonarQube, etc. to help you install your continuous delivery pipeline.


CI/CD Traceability & Knowledge base

Ontrack is a web application that allows you to monitor the state of your continuous delivery pipeline by consolidating information from your different tools: SCM, ticketing, builds, deliverables, etc. It adds value to your infrastructure by providing a clear view on what's happening. Ontrack was presented at All Day DevOps 2017.

Seed Jenkins plug-in

The key to limitless Jenkins scalability

Seed is a plug-in for Jenkins which helps automating the generation and management of pipelines for branches of a project, allowing to scale to thousands of jobs while reducing the maintenance costs. This plug-in has been presented at the Jenkins User Conf London 2015, BruJUG March 2016, All Day DevOps 2016, Belgium Area Jenkins Meetup 2017 ...

Versioning Gradle plug-in

Modern branch as a version for Gradle

The Versioning plug-in for Gradle allows the generation of the version information from the SCM branch. Using a dynamic version based on the branch allows a very flexible branching strategy, suitable for any workflow. It supports Git and Subversion.